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Welcome to the Ubuntu Backports Project!

About Ubuntu Backports
Ubuntu Linux is a great distribution, but falls short in the desktop realm to Gentoo and Fedora Core. Why? Once a stable version is released, no new software updates are accepted. I subscribe to the view that a distribution can be both stable and up-to-date, so I've taken it into my own hands to recompile newer packages from Hoary and Debian Sid for Warty.

Basic Usage Info:
You may browse the entire repository here.
Ubuntu Backports is split into many distributions and sections. Currently, these are:
  1. warty-backports -- Stable, tested updated packages for Ubuntu Warty (4.10)
  2. warty-extras -- Stable, tested add-on packages for Ubuntu Warty (4.10). Example: FreeNX
  3. hoary-backports -- Stable, tested updated packages for Ubuntu Hoary (5.04)
  4. hoary-extras -- Stable, tested add-ons for Ubuntu Hoary

These distributions are broken down to "sections". These are:
  1. main universe multiverse restricted -- Exactly what they mean in Ubuntu. Backported packages will be filed into these categories -- usually where they came from.
  2. bleeding -- Contains non-conservative or otherwise "risky" addons. Back in Warty, this included 2.6.10 kernel backports, and other little enhancements from Hoary, like the new Upgrade Manager.

To use backports, add a line to your /etc/apt/sources.list like this:

deb distribution sections separated by a space

Example Hoary configuration:

deb hoary-backports main universe multiverse restricted
deb hoary-extras main universe multiverse restricted

Package Testers

Ubuntu Backports is a community driven project. Most importantly, I need YOU to help me test packages, and provide feedback. Newly compiled packages are in -staging trees (i.e. warty-backports-staging, etc). These are directly uploaded by me after compile, so I cannot guarantee their stability. Speaking from experience, 99% of the backports I've uploaded to staging get directly marked stable without changes, so I'm pretty good at stability!
But, BIG FAT WARNING: The staging area should be treated like Debian experimental -- it's NOT tested, NOT guaranteed in any way, shape or form to be stable!

For Support, Bug Reporting, Backport Requests
Late 2004, Ubuntu Backports merged with Ubuntu Forums, so we have our own forum section! Please make suggestions, report bugs, and ask for help at the forums! You'll be helped by a lot more people! Logo

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